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Featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds Playlist of Oct. 18-25


"The punchy keyboard takes precedent in this composition. But that's not to say nothing else shines. Every element has its moment... No matter how you slice it, "Call It Home" has an undeniably tasteful presence."

-Indie Shuffle (full article here)


"Two Step by Ginger Root will be a terrific track even before the vocals kick in...the splicing together of various styles and changes in pace and key will make you admire Ginger Root’s own musicianship." (full article here)


"元旦リリースが故に埋もれたアルバム『Spotlight People』のときよりも、さらに洗練されていてどんどん好きになっていきますね"

Translated: "It is more sophisticated and more like favorite than when it was the album "Spotlight People" buried because of release for the first time." -google

-Niche Music (full article here)


"Well produced and constructed, the song finds itself a pretty confident and often soulful groove that gives off a ton of confidence and hits all the right marks."

-We All Want Someone to Shout For (full article here)


"Fans of Jamiroquai, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Ducktails and Vulfpeck will like this one. Ginger Root’s sound is funky, chill and even a bit spacey at times."

-Divide and Conquer Music (full article here)


Spotlight People is, overall, a strong offering from Ginger Root... from beginning to end every song is worth a spin."

-DOPECAUSEWESAID (full article here)



Translated: "It is sensitive to well-chorded code work and singer-songwriter stance that was in the 1970s." -google

-Niche Music (full article here)

Featured on BIRP! October 2017 playlist and  BIRP! April 2017 playlist.